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What are the inclusions in serviced offices?

Cotoha offers a range of serviced offices selection such as virtual offices, coworking environments, conference rooms, and private offices in BGC. The working spaces of Cotoha are well-equipped with business-grade internet connectivity, 24/7 security, and well-designed furniture.

What are the services offered in Cotoha?

As a leading provider of serviced offices in the Philippines, Cotoha offers rental offices with service, virtual offices, coworking space, and meeting rooms.

From support services to ergonomic furniture, Cotoha serviced offices are geared up to help you with everything you need to hit the ground running.

What are the different workspace contract plans you offer?
How can I apply for a serviced office contract?

Call us at +639065673167 or email us for inquiries and bookings about our virtual offices, coworking environments, conference room, and private offices in BGC.

Are there any industry restrictions?

Yes. Cotoha prohibits using serviced offices from businesses engaging in moneylending, entertainment, and sex-related industries to protect the company's reputation.

What is the procedure when preparing to start a corporation?

After contracting as an individual, you can register your corporate address using the office address from the usage start date. After the corporate registration, you can change the contract with us to a corporate one.

What are your serviced office rates?

Rates may vary depending on contract type and room type. Feel free to reach out via phone or email.

Is there multilingual support?

Only Japanese and English are available languages for our support team.


How many days is the validity of the quotation?
For rental, virtual, and coworking spaces, the quotation is valid up to seven business days after the screening date.
When can I officially use the business address?
You can use the business address of the date indicated in your signed contract. Please note that using the address before the contract start date violates the terms of use.
What is the shortest period in using the serviced offices
Tenants can use the serviced offices for at least three months.
Can I modify the name in the existing contract?
It is not possible to change the name between different personalities, regardless of corporation or individual.
Is it possible to change an existing contract?
Yes it is possible.You can cancel the existing contract with us and proceed to your desired contract plan.
How long is the maturity of the contract
All plans are in monthly contracts.
How to cancel serviced offices contracts?
Please submit a written 30-day notice of cancellation. All plans are monthly contracts, so there is no refund on a pro-rata basis.
Is there a cost for cancellation?
There is no cost for cancellation, but it is necessary to bear the restoration cost of the office upon withdrawal. Additionally, you have to pay the repair cost for the loss or damage point of the key or card regardless of the existence of a security deposit.
What are your payment methods?
We accept debit and credit cards for payment. Keep in mind that credit cards incur an extra fee for convenience charges.


What are the amenities in private offices?
As one of the go-to private offices in BGC, ours is fully soundproof with business-grade internet connectivity, 24/7 security, overflowing coffee, and a scenic city view. The room is only limited to four persons.
How many people can use the serviced offices?
The rental office has a fixed capacity and is limited to registered people.
Is there a designated parking area?
A separate contract with the building management company is required for a designated parking space for office renters..
What are your security amenities?
We are equipped with an automatic lock and fingerprint authentication system at the floor entrance and the entrance of the office section.
Are guests available in the respected rented offices?
As a leading provider of serviced offices in the Philippines, your security is our priority. Guests are not allowed to enter the rooms, as the room is limited to the registered number of contractors.
Is it allowed to eat and drink in the serviced offices?
You can eat and drink freely in the serviced offices like coworking spaces and private offices. However, it is not possible to eat in the meeting room.

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